Wrought Iron Fence Installation & Maintenance in Edinburg, Texas

Angle view of black Wrought Iron Fence among trees in Edinburg, Texas

Located in Edinburg, Texas, and surrounding areas, Edinburg Fence Service is the best fencing contractor you can find. We have achieved this coveted status by providing excellent craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and affordable prices. We have years of experience working with a variety of fences for homes and businesses throughout the Edinburg region, and our fence contractors are the most reliable in the industry.

 A wrought iron fence cannot be overstated in terms of its beauty. It is impossible to overstate their elegance and uniqueness. You are sure to have a unique fence for your home or business with a wrought iron fence because you can customize it so many different ways. The beauty of a wrought iron fence extends beyond its eye-catching appearance. Privacy can also be provided by landscaping. Among the many advantages of wrought iron fences are their durability, strength, low maintenance, and significant increase in property value. For obvious reasons, wrought iron fences surround many schools and government buildings.

How We Can Help!

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured fencing installation and repair contractor in Edinburg, Texas. We offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Iron Fence
  • Decorative
  • Iron Fence Install
  • And More!

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 Iron Fence

You should choose an iron fence if you want a fence that offers security, is easy to maintain, is durable, has a wide variety of design options, and adds elegance and value to your home. Iron fences can provide all of these great benefits to your property. With the right landscaping, they can also provide privacy.


We have already mentioned how decorative wrought iron fencing is. Adding intricate patterns to your home or commercial property not only obscures the view of the property from a distance, but also adds beauty and elegance. For a home or business, wrought iron fencing can create a very unique decorative aesthetic when combined with elaborate landscaping. We can install or repair your wrought iron fence for a free quote if you need our service.

 Iron Fence Install

Edinburg Fence Service can completely install your fence at your home or business. The experience of our contractors allows them to install this type of fence in just a few days most of the time. You can choose from a wide variety of design options and we can install or repair your iron fence. We can help you install or repair a wrought iron fence. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Give us a call (956) 452-0133 to schedule your free wrought iron security fence installation and repair estimate. For wrought iron fence installation and repair services, our contractors will come to your home to discuss your options. We’re here to help, so give us a call to find out more about our services